Property in the Heart of KL City Centre

The city center, or popularly called as the KL City Centre is internationally known for its high class urban development. As a result, the city centre has also grown to be home to a number of middle class to upper class real estate developments. The location of the KL city centre also makes it extra attractive for investors and residents. The hub lies near Ampang, which is another growing area for real estate investments.

Currently, the KL city Centre is now becoming a rendezvous for luxurious living, which means that even the real estate properties existing here are catering mainly to the upper class market. Every existing property can easily boast of a centrale location, where all necessary establishments are within rich. Zooming out of the KL City Centre, the high rise buildings can be easily seen. These are combined corporate and residential establishments filling in the entire KL City Centre. When it comes to real estate properties, residents and investors can expect the typical top notch amenities that is expected from an upper class facility. Aside from living in a high-rise building, one can also expect other luxurious amenities including pools, fitness gyms, secured parking lots. All residential units are also built with the latest construction technology and modern design. Being located in Kuala Lumpur, residents will also have a good view of the globally renowned Petronas Tower.

prime shopping area in KL

A condo for sale in KL City Centre can cost millions, an apartment for rent in kl can go up to 6-7 thousand, and this is mainly due to the accessibility of the basic establishments from any property.  To start off, International schools are spread across the city centre, which makes it a prime location for upper class families. Some of the most trusted hospitals in Malaysia are also located within the KL city centre. Banking transactions of businessmen and residences are definitely easy around KL city centre since local and international banks are basically everywhere.

condo for rent in kl with top notch amenities

Any city centre will not be complete without a great shopping experience. This, too, is guaranteed when living at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. An array for shopping centres, both exclusive and not are located few distance from each other. As a matter of fact, KL tourists make sure to check out at least one of these shops in their short stay. Apart from the high-end properties, there are also neighboring five-star hotels around the area, including the Sheraton Hotel and Ritz Carlton.

corporate office near klccDespite being a highly modernized and urban location, Kuala Lumpur is fortunately still able to preserve its culture and tradition. This is easily recognizable from the long list of orchestras and theatre showing within the central. In fact, the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra regularly performs at Suria KLCC. For those who like a more historical experience, the Islamic Arts Museum is just around the corner of KL city center, as well. The museum features artifacts and woodcrafts that represent the Malaysian culture. Another tourist attraction is the Malaysian Heritage walk, which happens to be also located in the Kuala Lumpur City Center. First time visitors are usually taken here by tour guides to see the Malaysian heritage and try out authentic Malaysian food. For regular residents of KLCC, the heritage walk is highly accessible for some leisure time with family or foreign friends.

Public transport within KLCC is already well-organized, considering that every main road in Kuala Lumpur traverses the city center. Putra LRT is one of the easiest accesses to KL city centre, which passes through Suria KLCC. Other highways connecting to KLCC are AKLEH highway and Jalan Sultan Ismail, SMART highway, Jalan Ampang, and the Ampang – Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway.

Among the apartments and condominiums for sale in KL City Centre are:

Parkview KLCC

Located at the center of the golden triangle, Parkview is one of the most in-demand serviced apartments in KLCC. It stands 41-storeys tall, housing more than 300 serviced apartments along with 05 luxury suites. Parkview is also one of the properties nearest to shopping and business centres.

Soho Suites

One can’t miss this property while in Kuala Lumpur due to its standout and grand design. It is a 45-storey twin building that is has both residential and commercial units. For its residential unit, Soho Suites offers a Duplex and a Simplex (or their own version of a serviced apartment unit). Entries to the commercial units have different passages to ensure maximum privacy and security of residents.

Susana Sentral Loft

This property is more popularly referred to as The Loft in Malaysia. Majority of the property owners here are foreigners who are either retiring in Malaysia or have huge business investments in the country. Just like most of the high-end properties within KLCC, The Loft also have top of the chart facilities such as an infinity pool, sky gym, and VIP lounges. What makes the Loft stand out is its central location, where almost all of the transport hubs meet.

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