Easy and Convenient Lifestyle in Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Throughout the years, Petaling Jaya has risen to be a highly self-sustaining community within Selangor. Its development may have taken a different course than that of other key cities like Kuala Lumpur, but Petaling Jaya, in its own terms have managed to attract investors. One of the most prolific investments in the area are real estate developments. As a matter of fact, the rise of real estate in Petaling Jaya has also consequently contributed to the developments of other industries in the city, including shopping malls, restaurants, banks, and offices.

Petaling Jaya Properties

Houses, apartments, and condominium units in Petaling Jaya are primarily targeting local residents from the middle to upper class. It is worth noting that a huge part of the Petaling Jaya land are leasehold lands. Despite this, appraised value of the properties in the city is still high, which is mainly attributed to the continuous economic growth in Petaling Jaya.

Some of the houses in the city were built before the Independence Day, so it is no longer surprising why majority of them are bungalow type. While some recent occupants decided to totally renovate these bungalow houses, majority still retained the old design thus preserving a part of Malaysia’s old looks.

There are also a number of properties in the city that still has larger lot area, making them a more ideal setting for a growing family. High-rise properties are nonetheless starting to join the real estate market it Petaling Jaya.

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Living in Petaling Jaya

The primary locations of the houses and other real estate properties in Petaling Jaya are convenient, while also enjoying less of the typical central hustles. Safe to say, a typical day in Petaling Jaya is more laidback.

The city is strategically located only 16 kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur, and 13 kilometers from the Mont Kiara Enclave. As a matter of fact, some residents continue to live in Petaling Jaya even despite having their own properties in KLCC or Mont Kiara. This is primarily due to the lesser cost of living in Petaling Jaya.

Lesser cost of living fortunately did not compromise the quality of living in Petaling Jaya. As a matter of fact, residential properties are just few minutes away from the local shopping malls and boutiques. For the upper class, high-end shops are also within rich in Petaling Jaya. Although there are still no international schools in the city, it is still home to other competitive local schools from primary to tertiary education. Among the popular universities in the city are Tunku Abdul Rahman University (UTAR) and Universiti Malaya. Hospitals and banks are also spread across the city.

When it comes to dining experience, Petaling Jaya is also ahead. It boasts of an array of local, national, and international restaurants. Local food stores in Petaling Jaya are even recognized nationally for their quality and taste.

The wide access to all major highways including the Federal Highway, SPRINT highway, Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP), and New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) makes transport in and out of the city convenient. The primary means of public transport in the city are buses, which traverses all the central locations. A number of Putra LRT routes also stop at Petaling Jaya.

Living in Petaling Jaya can definitely be considered easy given that it is already a complete community on its own.

Top Properties and houses for sales in Petaling Jaya

1) Pacific Place – this is among the most popular and luxurious properties in Petaling Jaya. Pacific Place is more of an integrated real estate development rather than a solely residential property. Apart from its more than 1,000 serviced apartment units, Pacific Place also houses a shopping mall, a college, and a business and commercial center.Pacific Place ara damansara

2) Metropolitan Square – another Petaling Jaya based development that is not just known for its residential units, but also for its other commercial amenities. The entire building is consisted of condominium units, office spaces, and commercial spaces. Privacy and security of the residents is nonetheless prioritized by allotting different passage area to the condominium units.

Metropolitan Square damansara perdana for sale

Jaya One PJ

3) Jaya One – when it comes to a commercial hub in Petaling Jaya, Jaya One is always on top of the list. This is a primarily commercial development where entertainment, food, and shopping meet. Jaya One attracts both the middle and upper classes in the city due to the wide choices of shops and restaurants. Universities, banks, and corporate offices are all located around Jaya One.


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