The Definitive Guide to Mont Kiara Condo

Compare 40+ MK Condos in 20 minutesIf you are looking to buy (or sell at the right price) a condominiums in Mont Kiara, you have come to the right place.

There are about 45++ condos located in Mont Kiara area. And you probably need days to browse through the reviews for each condo available from various sources.

This article consolidated all the important information, presented in simple format that let you compare each property side by side.

Overview of Mont Kiara Property

The Mont Kiara area, located in the northwest part of Kuala Lumpur, is considered a premiere real estate location for clients looking for the best spot in the city. Situated near the heart of the city, it is just several minutes away from center of trade and business in the city which is the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Prime suburban locations like the Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Subang Jaya, and Petaling Jaya is just a short drive away as well.

Properties in this area target the upscale market because they’ve built homes using the latest trend in architecture and equipped it with modern technology. Development is constant with better structures rising each year along with houses that feature fresh designs in construction.

One of the most beautiful fixtures in the area are the terraced houses that captures the attention of people who come to visit. Historically, property prices in the area keep rising making it the dream location for both developers and speculators alike.

As it should, this affluent neighbourhood caters to its residents in the best way possible with shopping complexes near the area. They can buy premium products offered by local manufacturers or imported from other countries.

Foreigners favor this location because the American Mont Kiara International School and the British Garden International School, two of the top international schools in the country, are within the vicinity.

Banks are also conveniently located nearby allowing them to handle their finances without much hassle.

A wide variety of restaurants serve food for its residents not only catering to the cultural diversity but it also offers a wonderful food experience. The cafe’s are also very popular for tea and coffee which is a staple in high-end neighborhoods.

Aside from all the comforts residents receive from surrounding establishment, what makes this location top of the line is the successful blend of nature and modern living in this locale. Residents who live busy lives working in the city can resign themselves to the fact that once they get home they can rest and relax peacefully in the tranquil environment created by the integration of the Bukit Kiara Reserve Forest in their area.

Mont Kiara is also widely known for its high-quality construction, making their high-rise condominiums among the safest properties in the city. Mont Kiara truly proves to be one of the most ideal living addresses in Malaysia.

The Cost of owning a Mont Kiara property has been steadily increasing, which is mainly driven by number of investments that are coming in the enclave. With this, owning a property from Mont Kiara is also a viable investment especially for business executives and expatriates.

Quick Stats about Mont Kiara Condominiums

Let’s us show you some quick stats about Mont Kiara condominiums in this infographic.

Mont Kiara Condo Quick Stats

The Comparison Stats for 45++ Condos in Mont Kiara

Properties NameDeveloperCompletion DateNo. of BlocksNo. of Storey (Max)No. of Units Land Area (acres)Built-up (Min)Built-up (Max)Asking Price (RM psf)Transacted Price (RM psf)
10 Mont KiaraSunrise20092433327.43634784090859855
11 Mont KiaraSunrise20115433396.727074531913769
28 Mont KiaraSunrise20122404605.8125356465879769
AlmaspuriBT Homestead Group20032391320154535006480
AngkupuriHomestead Development 2003139210012483100638513
Aston Kiara 3HR Group2011122160015181598737514
Casa Kiara IAliran Firasat 200620223312354482619595
Casa Kiara IIAmisia (Sunway City)2009237206313753219710716
Ceriaan KiaraKar Sin20092262383.0618282208595547
Flora MurniTian Global200610713.516154424619513
Gateway KiaramasAsia Quest Holdings201023016807433563920875
Hijauan KiaraBukit Kiara Properties20087291885.420905045735693
i-Zen Kiara I Ireka Development200813530208891362879625
i-Zen Kiara II Ireka Development2005135238015501655691559
Kiara 163YNH Property20174425846620205500
Kiara 1888Prisma Melody2008128182012383982658550
Kiara 9Kina Bijak2011316208316612694936790
Kiara Designer SuitesSunrise2007129324011281428698612
Kiaramas AyuriaAsia Quest Holdings2008328480016052013814705
Kiaramas CendanaAsia Quest Holdings2006129184016594830574602
Kiaramas DanaiKiaramas Development2013234274020252498590729
Kiaramas SuteraAsia Quest Holdings2004129315013474100674573
KiaravilleA JV between Binaderas, Capitaland Financial & OCBC Bank20085184046.7415933935752752
La Grande KiaraNikmat Kuasa20052202985.519617335549548
Laman SuriaSunrise200411920209312147710677
Lanai KiaraAsia Quest Holdings1998121181014003067535461
Lumina KiaraECH Development & Management2010229220014484100758644
Mont Kiara AmanSunrise20052323455.816004300674737
Mont Kiara AstanaSunrise2000227281012412999687707
Mont Kiara BanyanSunrise200710147018382648719669
Mont Kiara BayuSunrise20021039857982300709629
Mont Kiara DamaiSunrise2004102308.7227211000883628
Mont Kiara MeridinAscot Assets20091312302.317874487711548
Mont Kiara PalmaSunrise2002236402013891389717648
Mont Kiara PelangiSunrise1994229299013901390698630
Mont Kiara PinesSunrise1993335508812282900736577
Mont Kiara SophiaSunrise19972142036.67452777635796
Pavilion HilltopPermata Cermat201733162101200183000
Residensis 22Sunrise20174385346.661878297300
RichmondHR United Sdn Bhd2014124960193324197550
Seni Mont KiaraAmatir Resources20104406058.8324373714821809
Sunway VivaldiSunway City2011620230025733983873856
Tiffani KiaraIreka Development2009203993.68153678714634
VERVE SuitesBukit Kiara Properties20134379935.87462139411761101
Vista KiaraAsia Quest Holdings1998228450712383335664517

The List of Mont Kiara Condos

10 Mont Kiara

mk 102009 saw the opening of the 10 Mont Kiara building in Jalan Kiara 1 in Mont Kiara. The Sunrise developer built two high-rise towers (43 floors each) on top of 7.46 acres in real estate. Clients can buy units as small as 3,478 sq. ft. to penthouses that have a 7,500 sq. ft. floor area. Many of the amenities and facilities surrounding the building makes it a good investment on its own. With the ease of access to main roads like Duke, Sprint, and NKVE, residents have the added bonus of being able to drive to the center Kuala Lumpur and other neighboring areas with not much hassle at all.


11 Mont Kiara

mk 11At the peak of luxury, 11 Mont Kiara offers clients the elegance of a six star residence. But it’s not just a magnificent structure, they also own a Green Mark Certificate from the BCA of Singapore which means they are following good practices in both their architecture and services. A maximum of two units are found on each floor making the site very exclusive. Every unit offers a wide floor area that fits either 3-4 bedrooms. Units are classified in either standard, deluxe, jr. penthouse, and penthouse units. They not only used Green Architecture in their buildings but they also made use of these green structures as a relaxation area for their residents who, for example, can walk around their woodland gardens. Sunrise has successfully mixed green and modern in their newest building.


28 Mont Kiara

mk 28One of the newly-developed condominiums in the Mont Kiara address is 28 Mont Kiara. Its developers followed the standards of Green Mark and CONQUAS to ensure that their buildings are both safe and environment-friendly. Standard units have a maximum floor area of 2,700 sq. ft., while their penthouses range from 5,790-6,465 sq. ft. All rooms are fitted with a complete range of appliances as well as its own private lift. Residents have their own parking bays in their six level basement parking which also has direct access to all their amenities like the sauna, gym, pool, and jacuzzi. The 28 Mont Kiara not only offers high class living, it’s also conveniently located so that its residents won’t look for anywhere else to stay.



AlmaspuriAlthough Mont Kiara is now starting to be filled with high-end developments and properties, Almaspuri has thrived as a middle-end residential tower within the enclave. This 15-storey building houses 132 condominium units. Just like its high-end counterparts, developers of Almaspuri made it a point to limit the number of units per floor. Almaspuri has only four units per floor, which ensures enough space and privacy for every unit owner.

Unit size ranges from 1,545 – 3,500 square feet, which is technically similar to the other high-end properties. At Almaspuri, you get to enjoy the luxury of high-end living at a lower cost.



AngkupuriAngkupuri condominium is located at Jalan Bukit Kiara in the affluent Mont Kiara area. All of its 210 units are situated in sub-blocks that give it a 180爭ヲ of the city. Residents can relax in the pool area which is surrounded by beautiful palm trees and a landscape design that mimics the look of an enchanted garden. Japanese and Korean nationals mostly occupy the building. Foreigners round out the remaining residents of the area because most were attracted by the fact that their kids can go to school in the International schools nearby. Breathtaking views of the hills and mountain side takes away any doubt about how special this property really is.


ArcorisMont Kiara is not just all about residential properties. It is also home to sophisticated mixed-properties such as Arcoris. Comprised of southern and northern towers, Arcoris is its own community, with a hotel, serviced residences, business centers, and retail complexes all within one property. All these developments are strategically built around the 1.5 million square feet area in the Mont Kiara cosmopolitan.

Arcoris caters to local and international upper class communities, which is why its developers made sure to integrate globally competitive amenities and technologies around the property. Security inside the property runs 24/7 to ensure the safety and privacy of the property owners. Know more about Arcoris, Mont Kiara here –

Aston Kiara 3

Aston Kiara 3Aston Kiara 3 is a 22-storey residential building comprised of 160 luxury units. With only 7-8 units per floor, every unit owner is assured of a beautiful view from the room. The condominium units features spacious interior, with the smallest units measuring up to 1,500 square feet.

Outside of the building, residents and tenants will be welcomed by a number of establishments offering basic to luxurious services. It’s located at the most central area of Mont Kiara where most of the cars and people pass by. Shopping malls and restaurants are also walking distance from Aston Kiara.

Casa Kiara I

Casa Kiara 1A partnership between two construction developers, Dijaya Corporation and Sunway city, built the Casa Kiara I in April of 2006. The three acre base has two high rise towers that offer a total of 223 units. Connectivity is ensured by their CAT 5E cabling system to make sure each room has access to the internet. Air conditioning is also featured with no pipes exposed in each unit. The entire area is secured by a modern system that covers entry to the gate, to the parking bays, up to the lift that carries their tenants to the rooms. Owning a unit here is like living in a place where you don’t have to worry about anything.

Casa Kiara II

Casa Kiara IICasa Kiara II is a 37-storey condominium property that is known for its duplexes and penthouses. Standard condo units is as huge as 1,574 square feet, while the penthouses is measured comfortably at 3,126  square feet. Casa Kiara is also located right across its predecessor Casa Kiara I. During its launch in 2009, Casa Kiara II easily gained reservations and bookings due to the positive rave about Casa Kiara I.

This high-rise condominium is complete with in-house and common facilities including swimming pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, half-basketball court, and reading room. Casa Kiara II promotes nothing but easy and luxurious living.

Ceriaan Kiara

Ceriaan KiaraOnce known as the Radiant Kiara, Ceriaan Kiara, owned by YNH Property is one of its luxury condominiums in Mont Kiara. All of its 238 units are distributed in the two low-rise towers with 6 units per floor and a couple of penthouses at the top floors. Every unit situated on the floor that houses their facilities are provided with their own green garden. They also emphasize exclusivity which means that only unit owners have access to their high-end amenities. Kids can go to school at the nearby international schools while their parents can access the easiest routes to their workplace without much hassle. Living in Ceriaan Kiara is the epitome of living the high life.

Flora Murni

Flora MurniStanding tall amidst the busy Mont Kiara compound is Flora Murni, a residential property featuring a mix of duplexes, bungalows, and semi-D’s. Flora Murni is the perfect spot for those who are looking into a long-term place for family. Every unit in Flora Murni offers a lot of space and privacy. Property owner will also be treated to a unique Balinese design of all the residential units.

All these make Floral Murni a homey escape from the luxuries of the city. However, the typical luxury style of a Mont Kiara property is still highly available in Floral Murni. Adults and kids alike can enjoy pool, gardens, and games room in this property.

Gateway Kiaramas

Gateway KiaramasThis premier property is both a commercial and residential high-rise building. The higher tower of Gateway Kiaramas, which is 30-storey high, is where all the 168 residential units are located. Meanwhile, the lower tower houses the 168 corporate offices. Due to this nature of development, Gateway Kiamaras is also strategically located near the access roads, making it convenient both for residences and office workers to reach the property.

Aside from being a commercial and residential complex, Gateway Kiamaras is also very near shopping malls, international schools, and dining places. This makes the property a worthwhile investment and a most coveted address.

Hijauan Kiara

Hijauan KiaraHijauan Kiara is one of the Mont Kiara properties with the lowest density. This 29-storey property only has a total of 188 units spread across seven blocks. This means that every floor only have a maximum of 2 units, making it one of the most luxurious property to own in the entire of Mont Kiara enclave.

Hijauan Kiara is also distinguished by the spa designs of its units, giving every resident a sense of zen while inside their rooms. Although it is nestled in the central Mont Kiara, nature lovers and sports enthusiasts can still enjoy nature with just a few minutes drive around the enclave.

i-Zen Kiara I

I-zen Kiara IThe i-Zen Kiara I is slightly different from the other buildings in the i-Zen series because the rooms are relatively smaller. The smaller space requires a smaller investment from the client which means that it is a good target for short term investment needs. Despite the lack of space, they did not hold back on the design elements that make it prime real estate. In addition, shopping malls and international schools are in close proximity to the building allowing their residents to live within the community and not look to anywhere else because their area has got it all. Young professionals would find this property very attractive because it supports their active lifestyle.

i-Zen Kiara II

I-zen Kiara IIA part of the i-Zen series by Ireka Corp., the i-Zen Kiara II is founded on the 5 “S” principles its developer is known for. It embodies style, service, security sophistication, and soul which is why it has generated huge returns for the company. They have given their residents not only a comfortable home but a set of customized services that will cater to all their needs. Inside the building, they have their very own Montessori school called, the Children Discovery School. This condominium building is also highly-regarded for the concierge service it provides its residents. An important feature to keep high profile clients happy.

Kiara 163

Kiara 163Kiara 163 is a residential-commercial property featuring serviced apartments, office spaces, and retail centre. It is one of the most promising developments in the Mont Kiara address, as its is expected to generate international business interest and investments. Kiara 163’s design plan envisions to adjacent high-rise towers. One tower will have 23 storeys, which will be dedicated to office spaces and other commercial operations.The second tower will be where the 42-storeys of apartments will be located.

Kiara 163 was launched in 2010, and is expected to be completed by 2017. Know more about living and investing in Kiara 163 from their website

Kiara 1888

Kiara 1888The Kiara 1888 is a residential type condominium that offers the class of modern living but also incorporates the natural effect of man-made landscaping. The name is derived from its official address namely lot 1888, Jalan Kiara 3, Mont Kiara. This urban oasis is made up of a 26-floor structure and features a Zen garden, man-made water structures, and tropic-inspired landscaping. There are three types of units found inside the 1888: Standard, Duplex, and Penthouses. Standard villas value at around RM420 per sq. ft. a good deal considering the sizes of their units. Lifts, 3+1 bedrooms, and family rooms outline the main features of their standard rooms. The impressive design and construction of each room can be very enticing especially when compared to the prices of other condominiums in the area.

Kiara 9

Kiara 9One of the latest building to be completed in the Mont Kiara area, Kiara 9 features two towers with 41 floors each. The initial prices for their Villas was RM3.8 million and their standard units were sold for upwards of RM1.2 million. Inside the 3 acre land is a man-made waterfall that’s about 11 meters high. It is coupled with a beautiful garden that has life-like deers standing atop the landscaping. They have a magnificent lobby that welcomes both tenants and their guests. It also houses the latest facilities for both recreation and relaxation making their clients feel right at home.

Kiara Designer Suites

Kiara Designer SuitesKiara Designer Suites or more popularly called as KDS is a residential property focusing on suites. It also highlights Cabana suites for an optimum luxury living experience. Kiara Designer Suites is a go-to location for international clientele who are either looking into short-term or long-term stay in Kuala Lumpur. Since it is located inside the Mont Kiara compound,accessibility and convenience is never a problem for this location.

Kiara Designer Suites are comfortably designed to be spacious, ranging from 1,128 – 1,428  square feet. However, unlike other developments in Mont Kiara, this property does not have a wide landscape area. This is efficiently complemented by the highly commercial location, though.

Kiaramas Ayuria

Kiaramas AyuriaThe third Kiaramas built by Asia Quest Holdings, Kiaramas Ayuria, is actually its biggest. It occupies 9.155 acres of prime real estate area. Out of the 480 condo units clients can choose from, they have 8 different types of rooms which are either single (4) or duplex (4). Despite having a built-up of 2,000 and 4,000 sq. ft. for their standard and penthouse units, respectively, asking price is not that high. Water structures is a prevalent structure in the Ayuria with the 520 ft spiraling water feature as the top attraction. With the added benefit of easy access to the city, it makes the site, the place to be.

Kiaramas Cendana

Kiaramas CendanaKiaramas Cendana is highly recognizable in Mont Kiara cosmopolitan since the property is built 416 feet above sea level. This provides a Kiaramas Cendana owner the pleasure of panoramic viewing of the Mont Kiara landscape. To complement its elevated structure, the developers also included an infinity lap pool and hot water spa.

Kiaramas Cendana condominiums is a mix of standard units and penthouses. Regardless of the choice of property, residents or renters can enjoy all the luxurious amenities that Kiaramas Cendana can offer. To date, several units in the building are occupied by the Malaysian upper class and some expatriates.

Learn how you can get a property here

Kiaramas Danai

Kiaramas DanaiKiaramas Danai is one of the most coveted properties in Mont Kiara. It is a modern, elevated, and posh property that features a 39-storey condominium building. Kiaramas Danai is also widely known for its large built-up units with the smallest unit measuring up to 2,000 square feet. The property is also built 420 feet above sea level, which allows a property owner to enjoy a wide-eye view of the Mont Kiara enclave.

The condominium is currently selling. If you are interested to own a condo unit in Kiaramas Danai, check our their website here

Kiaramas Sutera

Kiaramas SuteraMont Kiara in Kuala Lumpur has Asia Quest Holdings main properties, the Kiaramas Sutera. A sister building to the Ayuria and Cendana, the Sutera isn’t as big as the other buildings in this series. The built-up is within 1,347-4100 sf range giving buyers a choice between small, mid, and large units. Routes to the Kuala Lumpur Airport, expressways, and main highways are easily accessible making it easy for tenants to drive out and into the building. The scenic views are also something to behold when looking out the windows of the condo. Schools and offices are in close proximity making things even less of a hassle.


KiaravilleSituated in the luxury location, Mont Kiara, Kiaraville is a high end condominium that is sought after by rich buyers looking for properties in Kuala Lumpur. The landscaping and interior of their units were clearly inspired by the elements of  French Architecture. It’s serene environment is the perfect escape for someone who needs a break from the busy city life. This joint venture between OCBC Bank, Capitaland Financial, and Binaderas created a towering structure that houses the latest facilities and offers the best amenities in real estate. Clients who are living the high life can find this desirable residence in Jalan Changkat Duta Kiara.

La Grande Kiara

La Grande KiaraLa Grande Kiara stands out due to its French design. It is easily recognizable as the European-looking twin towers in Mont Kiara, which houses a total of 298 apartment units in the 20-storey twin-tower. All of the units are corner lots and are relatively more spacious than other condominium units in the city. A standard condominium unit have floor area of more than 1,900 square feet, while its penthouses span for almost 7,000 square feet.

Enjoy the modern designs and luxurious amenities of La Grande Kiara today. Check out their latest offerings at

Laman Suria

Laman SuriaIn 2004, Laman Suria was completed and was projected to be one of the best condominiums in Mont Kiara. It did not disappoint getting a Green Mark certificate and winning third place in one of Kuala Lumpur’s landscaping contests. This low-density condominium stands on a 3 acre land with neighboring buildings like the Sunrise Sports Zone. Residents who want to perform athletic activities can just walk down to the facility and make use of the basketball, tennis, futsal, volleyball, handball courts, and football field inside. Golfers can also drive a short distance to the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club. Aside from the activities tenants can perform, they are also very near restaurants, shopping centers, and banks to help them with their everyday to-do lists. If and when they travel, they can easily access the main roads in Kuala Lumpur since Laman Suria is situated near them.

Lanai Kiara

Lanai KiaraLanai Kiara is one of the pioneering structures in the Mont Kiara metropolitan. This residential high-rise condominium started operating as early as 1998, and has since enjoyed a steady entry of buyers and investors. Today, with the increasing developments in Mont Kiara, Lanai Kiara’s unit cost is ranging from RM420,000-RM1,380,000 already.

Lanai Kiara is a single block building, that features traditional interior designs that brings back the aura of the older houses. Despite being one of the earlier structures in Mont Kiara, developers of Lanai Kiara has successfully managed and maintained the property. Thus, the condominium is still able to efficiently compete with its modern counterparts.

Lumina Kiara

Lumina KiaraJalan Duta Kiara houses one of the best residences in Mont Kiara which is the Lumina Kiara. Occupying a relatively small area (2.35 acres), this condominium is equipped with a modern security system which protects its residents from the gate up to their homes inside the structure. The two blocks only house six units per floor and clients can choose from the Penthouse, Premiere, Maisonette, and Avantgarde type of units. Every unit is given their own car park bay, 2 for the Maisonette and Avantgarde while 3 are given to the Premiere and Penthouse units. If they own motorcycles, the building also provides 13 lots of exclusive parking. Amenities and the wonderful view is what makes this an in-demand piece of real estate.

Mont Kiara Aman

Mont Kiara AmanOne of Sunrise’s in-demands condominiums, the Mont Kiara Aman has been around since 2005. It has all but positive reviews from all those who have experienced living in the building. It starts with the workmanship put in the building of the high-rise because not only did it use quality materials, the designs were brought to life covering every inch of detail as well. Maintenance work has been excellent since not many have complained about their facilities even if they are reaching a decade in existence. Aside from the more common amenities like the pool and gym, residents also have access to a couple of tennis courts layered with artificial grass considered to be one of the best playing courts in the Mont Kiara area. You still can’t go wrong with the Mont Kiara Aman.

Mont Kiara Astana

Mont Kiara AstanaBeing one of the earlier properties built in Mont Kiara, this high-rise condominium enjoys one of the strategic locations in the area. Mont Kiara Astana is located at a highly balanced area in the enclave where work and leisure are both accessible. It is near the business establishments but with lesser city noise and crowd compared to its newer counterparts. Units in Mont Kiara Astana also remain well-maintained, and are even equipped with the latest amenities. Residents and tenants definitely need not worry about depreciating value of Mont Kiara Astana properties. As of today, rental rate for Mont Kiara Astana units can still range from RM2,500-RM8,800.

Mont Kiara Banyan

Mont kiara BanyanMont Kiara Banyan is a Balinese-themed high-rise condominium. One of the selling points of the property is its low-density development coupled by highly versatile designs. Although it is famous for its Balinese design, the developers also made sure to infuse modern interiors to some units, especially catering to property owners who prefer a more modern look to their units. Mont Kiara Banyan may have smaller landscape area, but it still does not lack all the luxurious amenities that are the trade mark of any Mont Kiara property. Residents and renters can still enjoy topnotch security, pool, and fitness areas, among others.

Mont Kiara Bayu

Mont kiara BayuOut of all the buildings who make up the Mont Kiara skyline, Mont Kiara Bayu had been given a rating of 79.8 by Singapore’s BCA making it the highest rated structure in the area. This Green Mark certified structure is a 42-storey structure that has a spacious car park equipped with modern facilities to serve its residents. International schools are within a short distance from the condominium which is great for families. Aside from the surrounding amenities like fancy restaurants and cafe’s, their tenants can drive a short distance to the Plaza Mont Kiara or Solaris Mont Kiara for a social outing experience unique to the area.

Mont Kiara Damai

Mont Kiara DamaiMont Kiara Damai is one of the big prime resident units in the Jalan Kiara 2 address. It covers an entire 8.7 acres of land allowing them to offer 26 condominium units per acre. This low-density residential building offers Standard, Deluxe, and Penthouse units. The marketing campaign they started had the slogan “bungalow in the sky” because it describes the large area they offer their clients per unit. Fancy restaurants and cafes are within the vicinity. And if unit owners would really want to go out they can drive to Victoria Station and Souled Out to have their meals both are located nearby. Kuala Lumpur’s biggest shopping centers are also a short car ride away.

Mont Kiara Meridin

Mont kiara meridinMont Kiara Meridin can be easily identified in the Mont Kiara district due to its glassy and white exterior. Being one of the developments of Sunrise, it is expected for Mont Kiara Meridin to come in modern and unique design. Aside from artistry, Sunrise developer is also popularly known for the quality of its properties, and Mont Kiara Meridin is no exception. A solely residential property, one of the highlights here is a floating fitness gym. Master bedrooms in its units are also fully equipped with LCD panels, thus creating the glassy look from the outside of the building.

Residents of Mont Kiara Meridin are also very near the business districts, including shopping malls, restaurants, and banks.

Mont Kiara Palma

Mont kiara palmaThe Mont Kiara Palma is one of Sunrise’s best condominiums because of all the awards it has received since it was built several years ago. Found at the center of the Mont Kiara area, residents don’t have to worry about traveling because it is situated in an area that allows it to access Kuala Lumpur’s highways with ease. Each of its two towers 36 floors tall and a total of 402 units are spread between them. Expatriates are the main occupants of this classy condominium. It has a reputation of having a friendly environment making it easy to find an activity partner to play a game of tennis or do some running. These along with the luxurious facilities and amenities made it a very popular residence area.

Mont Kiara Pelangi

Mont Kiara PelangiEven with all the posh condominium buildings in the Mont Kiara area, the Pelangi holds its own against its rival. A stylish structure patterned from a great architectural design is what makes it unique from every other condo in the upscale market. They have twin towers with 27 floors that are connected via a sky bridge with business centers or restaurants as they pass by. All their facilities cater to every type of person from the athlete, to kids, to people who just want to relax away from the city. They even have a barbecue area that allows its residents to host small parties. A very good investment for anyone looking for a high-end condominium unit with complete amenities at a great price.

Mont Kiara Pines

Mont Kiara PinesSunrise has built a lot of the buildings in the Mont Kiara area and Mont Kiara Pines was one of their very first ventures. The 8 acre lot is separated in 3 block buildings, named Scott, Aspen, and Everett. It’s two-decade existence hasn’t stopped the clients from coming in and buying units in this building. This is because of the high quality of service and beautifully-designed rooms. The strategic location of the condominium also helps as well since it is quite near to the best international schools in the country and the biggest shopping centres in the city. It may be an older building but it still offers most of the benefits that its contemporary rivals are offering.

Mont Kiara Sophia

Mont Kiara SophiaMont Kiara Sophia is considered as a vintage property among the Mont Kiara community. However, this does not mean that the property is depreciating. As a matter of fact, with the ongoing maintenance and promotion of the property, the cost to own or rent it continue to soar high. As of this writing, rental fee of Mont Kiara Sophia start as RM2,300. This can easily increase based on the type and location of the unit selected. Mont Kiara Sophia was completed as early as 1997, which allowed it to be situated in a more relaxed location within the Mont Kiara enclave. It is relatively farther from the hustles of the central area, but still comfortably near from all the necessary establishments.

Pavilion Hilltop

Pavilion hilltopPavilion Hilltop is the newest addition to Mont Kiara’s long list of high-end properties. Launched in April 2013, Pavilion Hilltop is a three-tower high-rise condominium. Although the construction is not expected to be finished until 2017, majority of the units in Pavilion Hilltop already have booked buyers.

Each tower will have at least 200 units, spanning at 1,200-1,800 square feet each. Pavilion Hilltop epitomizes high-end living through its amenities and services. From its recently released floor plan, the property is envisioned to have its very own infinity pool and convenience store.

Start booking for your own Pavilion Hilltop unit through

Residensis 22

Residensis 22Another high-end property scheduled to join the luxurious residences in Mont Kiara enclave is Residensis 22. This is a development that many of the upscale Malaysian residences are definitely looking forward to, primarily because it is because developed by one of the country’s leading real estate developer, the UEM SUNRISE BERHAD.

Residensis 22 is eyed to be an extremely exclusive and luxurious condominium property, by providing top-of-the-line amenities and low density of units per floor. The condominium is expected to have only four units per storey, assuring property owners of utmost privacy and convenience. Track the progress of Residensis 22 at


RichmondRichmond is solely a residential property that has been catering to the expatriates market. Majority of its property owners are acquiring suites from Richmond mainly for investment purposes.

This 24-storey property features boutique style suites that ranges from 1,933 sf to 2,419 square feet. One unit is also fully equipped with world class amenities, including a yoga deck and rooftop garden. Contrary to the neighboring towers in Mont Kiara, Richmond exudes a more friendly and homey vibe. This has made the property the retirement place for several expats from all over the world. Get to see more of Richmond’s features at

Seni Mont Kiara

Seni attracts people with a lavish taste because of its wonderfully designed building and living units. However, if you look into the inspiration for the magnificent structure, you’ll find that an artistic inspiration is behind it. Not just because Seni is the Bahasa word for “art”, but, the fact that there is a big art gallery located inside the building as well. This is improved by additional features like the island garden landscape, designed by the highly-regarded Karl Princic, and a bistro/cafe owned by one of Asia’s best chefs, Chef Wan. Wonderful views of the city skyline cap off the wonderful living experience clients can get from this contemporary condominium.

Sunway Vivaldi

Sunway Vivaldi is posh condominium property located in between Jalan 19/70a and Sprint Highway (Penchala Link). It features a minimalist and modern design, which specifically appeals to business executives and international upscale investors. The entire 6 blocks property covers more than 7 acres of freehold land in Mont Kiara. The units are as spacious as living in a penthouse. Similarly, Sunway also retained a low-density development for maximum privacy and comfort of its residents and investors. There is also an established 24/7 security system for a peaceful and safe living.

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Tiffani Kiara

Ireka Corp., the developer responsible for building the Tiffani Kiara high-rise doesn’t only offer their clients with a chance to live in the posh Mont Kiara address. They’re also helping them find the right kind of home for them.

For starters, they’re offering designs categorized as either classical or modern. The former designed with dark wood pieces, while, the latter has more of a clean look due to the light wood elements used in the overall look. All of their fully-furnished units are also equipped with their appliances and aircon units. It gives you everything that you’d expect when you’re living in a prime location.

VERVE Suites

Located in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur’s premier residential area, Verve Suites is one of the most popular condominiums in the city. With skyscrapers built for the richest people in society, it covers 5.87 acres and 4 blocks of prime real estate. Each and every one of the 881 units have been furnished beautifully with a modern touch. Clients can choose from a wide variety of designs which is different in every room giving it its own identity. You can find Verve Suites in Jalan Kiara 5 which is one of the high class addresses in the city with other luxury condos in the vicinity as well.

Vista Kiara

Two 28-storey buildings comprise the entire Vista Kiara area situated within the Sri Hartamas and Mont Kiara areas. Asia Quest Holdings envisioned that their units would house families and professionals alike. Foreigners also prefer to buy units here as well. Each block was designed to have a functional layout, a green landscape, and bold arches on the face of the building. Jalan Kiara 3 is one of Kuala Lumpur’s prime addresses and with the Vista Kiara built in such a hot location it’s very easy to get to where you want to go. Even though it has been in the area for almost two decades, many potential buyers keep looking at the property to make an investment.



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