Overview of Ampang Properties

Out of all the number of property locations in Kuala Lumpur, Ampang easily stands out as the dream location of almost all working classes in the country. Contrary to a typical prime location in Kuala Lumpur that has limited and extravagant property prices, the houses and other residential units vary widely in terms of price range.

Ampang is home to low cost apartments, as well as high-end, luxurious bungalow houses. However, the best part about living in Ampang, aside from the array of choices is its accessibility to the city center. The Ampang district is merely an hour way from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and just 12.5 kilometers away from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Ampang is also a few minutes’ drive to other neighboring districts such as Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Mont Kiara, and Bangsar. With location and high-quality investments all in one district, Ampang is proving to be one of the most coveted area among Malaysians and foreigners alike.

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The Ampang Lifestyle

Out of all the posh real estate developments in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Ampang neighborhood has one of the most number of expats residing long-term. Contrary to usual belief, expats and other average residences are looking into accessibility first before luxury when looking for a property to invest in. this is not surprising, given the Ampang is often referred to as the “Ambassador’s Row” due to its proximity to several international embassies.

Ampang lrt stationAccessibility is truly where Ampang stands out. Being near to almost all central areas and major highways, driving or commuting out of Ampang is a breeze. With this, several expats has chosen Ampang as their choice of residential address. Within Ampang, one will not run out of activities, as well. The business district is flourishing, and there are a number of nature parks where families and friends can unwind. There are also a lot of interesting shopping places in Ampang, including the entire strip of Korea Town, where residents and visitors can try out authentic Korean delicacies and buy some Korean souvenirs. This is definitely good news for those who are fond of kimchi and the Korean culture in general.

Ampang is also home to several topnotch hospitals including Beverly Wilshire and Gleneagles Hospital. For those who are just starting a family, access to high quality education is also not a problem, with a number of international schools located in Ampang, including Sayfol International, Fairview International, and the International School of Kuala Lumpur.

Living in Ampang Neighborhood is basically getting all the convenience of a city, while also having the luxury of a more laidback environment.

Those who were able to acquire properties in Ampang at a lower price can be considered lucky. With the recent developments in Ampang district, prices of houses are now soaring high. This is however the ripe time for investors to get a property in Ampang.

Properties for sale in Ampang

  • ampang putra residencyAmpang Putra Residency – this new property in Ampang is currently gaining some talks among the upper class Malaysian community due to the modern designs of its condominium units. Ampang Putra is one of the high-rise establishments in the Ampang district, standing 25-storey tall. Majority of the property owners here are Korean expats. This property is one of those top choice when it comes to convenience but less of the city central’s density.
  • Pandan Indah – this is a mixed development township in Ampang district, featuring double-storey terrace houses, condominiums, serviced apartments, and apartment duplex, along with other retail developments within the area. Pandan Indah as it is can already be considered as a self-sustaining community, with a diverse mix of residences and commercial complexes surrounding the large area. More developments are still coming in.
  • 3 Residen – a two-tower condominium unit, which highlights good view of the limestone hill. One of the best things about living in 3 Residen is the harmonious mix of modern development and nature, something that Melawati has been known for. Although majority of the two towers are comprised of condominium units, interested buyers may also go for the 3 Residen Penthouses.
  • Saville melawati ampangSaville – this property is primarily a serviced apartment type, but it comes with retail and corporate offices units, as well. Interested buyers can also opt for the penthouses, situated at the sky gardens of the building. Accessibility and convenience is not a problem in Saville given the number of commercial centers and public highways around the property.

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