Getting to know about Shah Alam Properties

A lot of Malaysian cities have already evolved along with the modern times, which means that the Islam tradition is harmoniously mixed with modern practices. Shah Alam is among those neighborhoods in Malaysia that is able to preserve this Islamic culture. Shah Alam, within Selangor Darul Ehsan is popularly known in Malaysia for its roundabouts. Even a first timer in the city will not miss the number of roundabouts in the city, which also signifies how connected Shah Alam is in terms of road networks. There is a total of 18 roundabouts connecting the city.

Shah Alam is also a highly residential city, with house developments occupying majority of the city area. Accessibility to other establishments is not a worry though, since commercial complexes and buildings are also strategically spread across the city.

shah alam propertyBeing one of the cities to strictly and consistently preserve the Islam culture, Shah Alam city does not have any movie theatres open, nor bars and clubs. But this does not mean that there is nothing much to see about the city. As a matter of fact, the rich culture and heritage in Shah Alam is already considered by most tourist as entertaining enough. A quick tour around the city will easily tell the story of the original story of the Malaysian tradition. One of the major tourist spots in the city is their blue mosque.

For those with modern interests, Shah Alam is also ahead in terms of business districts and shopping malls. These are guaranteed to satisfy the lifestyles of a typical urban person. Since Shah Alam is also a major city, it is already highly connected to all other major cities including Kuala Lumpur.

Houses and Lifestyle

Living in Shah Alam can be quite expensive today. Being a capital city, the economic developments in Shah Alam continue to improve thus affecting the cosy of living here. More real estate developers are also setting their eyes
on Shah Alam given the high viability of a residential investment here. Value of houses in Shah Alam is also getting attractive for foreign investors. One house unit can already cost multiple millions in this major city.

Contrary to other cities, Shah Alam has distinct house designs, mainly as a result of the cultural richness in the city. The most noticeable house design here is the bungalow type, and a two-storey bungalow type house. Although there are also newer investments on apartments and condominiums here, majority of the residential units follow the traditional design. Apparently, houses and real estate in Shah Alam are geared towards buyers who want to start or grow a family. However, for those who are not going to settle in Shah Alam, buying a house for investment is also not a bad idea.

Here are some of the top properties and real estate development in Shah Alam that you need to visit:

kota kemuning propertyKota Kemuning – proudly considered as a green development due to the abundance of natural elements, this 1,280- acre property is categorized as an integrated township. This means that it contains both residential and commercial developments. For the residential side, the properties to choose from are condominiums, apartments, bungalows, semi-detached homes, and town houses. On the other hand, the commercial complex is composed of corporate offices, shops, and factories. The best part about Kota Kemuning? Its own nature park, complete with landscaping, mini-forest, and lake.

Denai Alam – this is one of the most quaint property to visit in Shah Alam because of its close semblance to the traditional Malay Village. With this, the whole property is strictly for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles only. Majority of the houses are also in two-storey linked houses catering to middle to upper class residents. Living here is guaranteed peaceful and private due to the low density units. Despite this, Denai Alam also managed to infuse a commercial┬áCenter within the freehold land.

Denai Alam Property

Amaya Saujana – this is a purely condominium development in Shah Alam which was just recently completed in 2010. Although the property is primarily condominium-type, the units were still designed to look like the typical Shah Alam house – linked, bungalow type. This is also a low-density development perfect for the upper class communities.

Shah Alam is truly a home to many families and immigrants as it provides larger and more private living places. Traversing other cities in Malaysia is also very convenient when coming from Shah Alam. This is one of the city where convenience and culture meet.

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