Benefits For Real Estate Agents

Thanks for showing interest in Property Circles agent community. As you probably know, Property Circles is Malaysia’s first real estate social network platform that centered on real estate businesses, and real estate agent is one of the important communities in our social platform.

At this point, your mind could be running through a question sounds like “Can you generate leads for me if I join?” and that is a smart question that we love to hear because we have a perfect solution for you.

Without further ado, let us walk you through our uniquely crafted features that you can enjoy as part of our agent community, which you will find the answer of your question above as you read on.

Unlimited Posting

Unlimited Concurrent Listings


Post as many listing as you have on hand. No more worries on monthly quota restriction.

Every post you published will not deduct any credits from your account. Your credit will only be deducted when you use our featured services, such as:

  • Repost Top Rank
  • Featured your listing
  • Featured your profile

Refer Featured Services below for more info.

Unlimited Push Marketing Technique

No more publish-and-wait. All your listings will be pushed to at least 1 of the user groups below.


Users nearby your listed locations

We make use of GPS on mobile or IP detection technology to push your listing to user’s timeline whenever the users are nearby the location of your listings. Hence, your listing will be reaching dynamic target audience who moves in and out from your listed locations.

Users followed locations matched with your listed locations

We allow Property Circles users to follow their favorite locations to get latest news & updates happened around those locations. Therefore, your listings will be automatically pushed to user’s timeline who followed the locations that same as your listed locations.

favorite location 2

Users in your connection list

Property Circles empowers all users, including real estate agents, to build your own network by connecting with each other. The more connections you have the wider the target audience your listing will reach. We will automatically push your listings to everyone in your connections, and most importantly, this will be done for every listing you post.

All agents in Property Circles Agent Community

We make co-agency never been so easy in Property Circles. Each time you marked a listing to allow co-agency, your listing will be automatically push to all agent’s timeline in Property Circles. You will not miss any great opportunity as you can see co-agency listings from other agents as well in your own timeline.


Fast Leads Generation

Fast leads

Property Circles generates leads in a unique and effective way. You could possibly receive the first leads in less than a week after your account is activated.

Enclosed are some testimonials given by senior real estate agents registered with Property Circles Agent Community for your reference.

Agent Testimonial 1

Agent Testimonial 2

Affordable & Flexible Subscription Package

affordable and flexible

We carefully designed the agent subscription package to ensure every agent can enjoy our uniquely crafted features, where Affordability and Flexibility is our main consideration.

Affordability implies every agent can post their listings anytime without have to worry insufficient credits, and Flexibility implies every agent has the freedom to choose their own commitment, not forcing to pay big sum for yearly subscription.

What’s more…

In most cases, posting or publishing ad is a cost to all agents. The more ads an agent post, the more money the agent need to pay. But in Property Circles, we not only will not add more burdens to agent’s expenses but we are capable to generate more income for agents. Every agent in our community is able to generate additional income for themselves through our 2 carefully designed schemes, Agent Referral Scheme and Posting Rebate Scheme.

Agent Referral Scheme

Our agent referral scheme is designed to be more flexible and attractive.


Attractive – Our referral rewards start as low as 14% and as high as 19% from the package your referee signed up. The more you refer the more you earned. The limit lies on individual commitment.


Remark: 1 referral point = RM1.00
Example: If you successfully referred 10 agents to signed up for Yearly subscription package, you are earning 1000 referral points which can be redeemed for RM1,000.


Flexibility – We provide you the flexibility to choose how you would like to redeem your hard earn referral rewards with the following 2 options:

  • Convert to account credit, so you can utilize the credit to publish more ads without having to pay extra to top up your account credits.
  • Convert to cash, that would become your additional source of income. This process is automated and every transaction is traceable and auditable.

Posting Rebate Scheme

Posting or publishing ads is a cost (or rather fixed cost) to agent. This is the least investment agent has to put in to get leads, and hoping that this investment pays off by converting leads to sales.


In Property Circles, we help to maximize agent’s return of investment by reducing the investment agent put in for ad by giving 50% rebate for every ad you post. The rebate you earned is in point form, which you also given the flexibility to redeem the point for following 2 options:
  • Convert to account credit
  • Convert to cash

The more you post the more you save, and eventually this saving can become an “income” to you.


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