How Referral and Rebate Schemes Work

A registered real estate agent account in Property Circles will have 3 different credit buckets associate to the account as represented in the graphic below.


Each time a real estate agent post a NEW listing, Property Circles will add ONE rebate point into the Rebate Point Bucket.

A new normal listing will cost 2 credits to be deducted from Account Credit Bucket, but at the same time Property Circles will add 1 rebate point into the Rebate Point Bucket.

Same goes to referral scheme, when a registered real estate agent refer a new real estate agent sign up in Property Circles, referral points will be added to the referrer’s Referral Point Bucket. The amount of referral points earned by the referrer is depending on the subscription package the referee signed up for, which is represented in the table below.

How To Register A Real Estate Account with Referrer

  1. The Referrer (the real estate agent who refers a new agent sign up) has to login to Property Circles to extract his/her Account ID. The Account ID can be obtained at the left panel as indicated below.
  2. Share the Account ID with the Referree (the new real estate agent who wanted to sign up).
  3. Upon signing up a new account, inform the Referree to enter the Referrer Account ID that you shared with him/her and make sure the correct name appeared beside the Account ID.

That’s it! The Referree can continue with account registration as usual. The Referrer will be notified via email upon successful registration.

How Do I Redeem Rebate & Referral Points

We provide 2 redemption options as represented in the graphic below.


1 Rebate/Referral point = 1 Account Credit
1 Rebate/Referral point = RM 1.00

If your Account Credit is running low, redeem the Rebate or Referral points for credit would be the wise choice. Otherwise, redeem the accumulated points for cash would be ideal. That’s the redemption flexibility we designed for all registered real estate agents.

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