About Us

Who Are We

PropertyCircles makes use of the power of social networking to connect buyers, sellers, tenants, property agents, developers & real estate businesses entity.

We connect and share information within their network.

No more one-on-one, closed door conversations.

PropertyCircles social real estate network

Contributions From The Entire Community

We are not a property review website run by just one or a few experts. Each professional agent working in any real estate related field such as housing loan, blogging, investors and solicitors are encouraged to contribute their expertise to this community and build their own name through our site.


More Than Conventional Classified Ads Listing

social ads listing

We aren’t your conventional classified ads listing portal. We empower our users to engage with their own real estate agents.


Not only that, we also provide agent evaluations through ratings and reviews plus they can ask questions and share their comments on each property posting.


The information given by the agent can be seen by their connected buyers, sellers, tenants as well as other agents.

Our Vision

PropertyCircles breaks the traditional one-way communication business model where end users are not allowed to contribute and share their comments on property postings to the public.

The Challenges

It’s always challenging for someone to adapt a new way of doing things, especially, when they’re comfortable with their current routine. It’s called “comfort zone” for a reason and the only way to achieve better results from yesterday is to break away from that zone.

the challenges

Our Journey

We, as a company, strongly believe that our new platform will be able to build a healthier real estate community that helps everyone on both the buying and the selling front.

And after spending countless sleepless nights and investing almost most of our time in developing our site, we are finally ready to serve you.

We are very excited about it. However, it may not go far if we don’t receive big support from the community.

Are you ready to make a change and build this community with us?

And remember to share with your friends, families, colleagues, etc…

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Let’s see each other on the site. :)